Java Village Market in Countryside near Borobudur


A cycle ride through the Java countryside brings us to a traditional market where all the Javanese villagers around Borobudur do their shopping.  

The Muslim halal meat seller works with her basic tools—a simple butcher’s knife & a well-used scale. 

Nearby a stall sells cone rice farmer hats.  These are not the cheap hats made for tourists.  These rice farmer hats are the real deal—what a hardened rice harvester will choose—double layered to provide a couple more degrees of coolness in the rice paddy.

And then, for when you want to be heated up, there’s the Javanese cabe’ hot pepper seller.  Even the most macho Javanese men only bite off a small amount of these peppers at a time with their local tahu tofu. 

Then there’s the vegetable lady who will sell you everything you need to make dishes to garnish with those hot peppers.

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