Mount Bromo & Mount Semeru Volcanos at Sunrise


The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is like the Grand Canyon of Indonesia-in East Java. 

In pre-history there was an enormous volcano here. At some point it erupted leaving a massive crater 14 kilometers across.   In the middle of this ancient mega-crater are three newer volcanic craters—Mounts Bromo—still very active,  Batok & Kursi.  These triplet craters are surrounded by sea of sand that’s covered most mornings by a mysterious feeling blanket of fog. 

Dominating the horizon just south all of this is 12,065 foot high Mount Semeru—Java’s highest peak—listed as the 44th most prominent peak in the world (Wiki "peaks by prominence").  In the early mornings Mount Semeru entertains viewers with a mushroom cloud of ash spouting high into the atmosphere about every 20 minutes.

If visiting Mount Bromo it’s worth getting up very early to ride a jeep up to one of the high Penanjakan overlooks and to witness the the sun’s rays slowly transforming the scene from pitch blackness to aspen glow on the high mountains & clouds to then warm hues stirring the fog.  All of this is airbrushed before us as erupting Mount Semeru frames the scene.

Then even Mount Bromo’s crater—to the left—not to be confused with heavily lined Mount Batok to the right or Kursi sitting behind them—joins in the act by puffing out her own ash as the aspen glow warms the inner ridge of her steep crater.

Finally the sun peaks over the eastern ridges & begins to warm chilled tourists who braved the morning air to witness this impressive spectacle.

As the Tengger village Ngadisari—along the ridge just outside the mega-crater—catch the first morning light,

we meet up with our young Tenggerese jeep driver—now seeing him for the first time in proper light.  

We bounce down the road back to our lodging—passing neatly patterned Tenggerese vegetable fields.

In my next blog we'll introduce you to a Tenggerese Hindu family we had breakfast with in their village home.

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