Bedugul Bali Yellow Temple (Candi Kuning)


On the way through Bali one really must stop at Bedugul to see Candi Kuning, the Yellow Temple, also known as Ulun Danu Temple.

I’ve been over most of Bali multiple times, seen lots of Hindu temples, but I find some of them—especially locally-revered Besakih—not very photogenic.  But I’ve never once come away from Candi Kuning without great images of this beautiful locale beside high mountain Lake Bratan. 

It used to be something about the sunlit mountains around this high lake, with the pagoda-style temple in the foreground surrounded by red flowers.  In recent years, that’s changed as the lake rose.  Where Candi Kuning used to sit on a little peninsula landscaped with flowers, it now is on an island with waves literally lapping at its walls.

But not to worry—for the photographer.  There’s something about the place that always guarantees great images on each visit.

This time when we arrived dramatic low hanging clouds hung over the lake—a striking background to the colorful local dugout perahu’s on the lakeshore.

As we began to walk up & down the lakeshore getting different perspectives on Candi Kuning, a storm moves in over the lake.  Lily pads have replaced the flowers, becoming the brightest reflectors of light, apart from one bright cloud.

This cloud diffuser moves in beautifully behind the pagoda temple as wave riplets reflect her pagodas & raindrops begin to disrupt the reflection with their own circular wavelets.  

Before departing, I can’t resist the urge to take a “toy camera” special effect image of the Candi Kuning temple on one of my compact belt cameras.

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