Catch the Light


The other day I was driving home & saw that the light was turning beautiful--afternoon tones with dark clouds in the background.  I wanted to stop & capture many images I saw, but was on a narrow windy road where I couldn't safely pull off to stop.  I thought I'd missed any good opportunity.  When almost home, I decided that--although it was a long shot--why not pull down to the beach near my house & see if there was anything still worth capturing.  A friendly Malay man from Kedah was there with his wife & small son who were watching him fish as a strom brew back over the peninsula.  

When the light is right, turn your photographic passions loose.  Even if you don't have an object to shoot in mind, get out your camera & do whatever you have to do to "cast your net broadly."  Don't let that beautiful light esape you!