Why Do a Photo Tour with Me?

DaveRayPhoto.com is an American owned & operated ethno-photography company focusing on the people, cultures, worldviews and living environments of Southeast Asia & beyond.  

DaveRayPhoto.com seeks to create understanding and empathy between cultures, nations and faiths by

  • powerfully communicating world-class images and compelling stories with deep peer-to-peer respect for the people we present
  • showing the world how people in the far flung parts of the world really feel, respond and live including their triumphs, struggles, potentials and needs via digital storytelling for NGOs, companies & government agencies who work to help restore communities, 
  • offering on-site photography-centered tours, magazine and e-zine photo-essays, and Asia-themed stock photography.

I am not aware of a single Western pro-photographer who has as much experience in the kampung and villages of the Indo-Malay world.  

I know how to relate effectively with people across vast cultural divides, creating understanding, mutual honor and respect, sensing their stories and telling them compellingly to the wider world.

DaveRayPhoto.com's Core Values

  • Beautiful light
  • on compelling subjects 
  • with world-class image quality 
  • honoring and respecting the peoples, cultures & environments photographed
  • accurately representing people & their stories that we present in full integrity with the realities of their contexts
  • honesty and dependability in all our client services including excellent, on-time deliverables
  • and always wholesome product

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