First Images of Indonesia

My father bought me my first SLR-a Pentax ME--just before I left for an intercultural internship in Papua, Indonesia. I recall cradling that camera & whispering to it, "What amazing people & cultural scenes are about to pass through your lens!" 

Indonesia would not disappoint us.  Three months in the interior of Irian among "primitive" tribals who were just moving into the "modern" world--while sorting out how to preserve their best cultural distinctives--was an awesome experience--visually, culturally--even spiritually. 

I got "bit" and couldn't wait to get back out there again among the people cultures of Indonesia.

Serving & Photographing SE Asians

My bride & I dedicated the next two decades to serving the Indonesian people on Java--through education, humanitarian aid & community development.  Along the way I had the opportunity to earn an advanced degree concentrating in education & intercultural-communication, and we raised three sons in the archipelago.  All the while I was capturing images for in-house use by organizations whose intercultural fieldwork I most appreciated.   


Cultural Photography

Eventually I became a freelance cultural-photographer.  When not traveling my wife of 30 years & I spend time in incomparable Penang, Malaysia.  I'll travel wherever a client offers me a compelling job, but my greatest expertise is SE Asia--particularly the Indo-Malay world.  

I'm not aware of any other Western pro-photographer who has as much experience in the kampungs, villages, cultures & languages of Indonesia as I do.

My passion is to create understanding between the people, cultures, civilizations, faiths & worldviews of our globe.  I sometimes do this with words, but I don't usually have enough time for all the words needed.  So, I love to use images that will put you there--right there--face to face with people.

Get yourself a "cuppa", browse around my website, enjoy growing in your understanding of the people of the world, & contact me if you'd like to participate in one of our photo-tours, purchase rights to an image or hire me for a shoot.

David W. Ray