Javanese Rice Planters of Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia


One of the satisfactions about being a photographer traveling across Java is that you never know what great photogenic surprises you’re going to come across, but you know you will, & you'll occasionally be shouting to your driver, “Stop! Stop!  Stop! Pull over!”

This happened when we were careening across the rice paddies on the scenic route from Jogjakarta to East Java.  On that route you can't help but loving the unique beauty of the Trenggalek region.

The light was looking great & suddenly we were shouting to our driver to stop—a line of Javanese women in their multi-colored rice hats planting rice shoots.  It's a typical but irresistible Java scene.

The Javanese believe that with rice being a delicate plant only women can transplant the young rice shoots from seedbed to rice paddy.  It’s backbreaking work in the blistering hot sun, but the women carry the heavy end of the work.  


This team of rice Java gals thought it was hilarious that a photographer wanted to shoot them doing their tedious work.  They took it as a welcome humorous break from their dull labor.


You'll often see these scenes on Java.  It’s one more reason to consider that Java-Bali photo tour we'll be leading 14-21 September 2013, with a few days optional extension to Jogjakarta.  Hope to see you on that workshop!

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