Ulu Watu Balinese Hindu Cliff Temple


One of the most stunning places to visit in Bali is Ulu Watu Temple in Indonesia.

This Hindu temple is perched high on a bluff at the western tip of Jimbaran peninsula in the southernmost part of Bali.  You can see small fleets of Balinese fishing boats coming & going out into the deep waters of the eastern Indian Ocean.  Friends of mine have looked down from Ulu Watu’s lofty perch to witness a pod of whales swimming by.  Everything about the place is amazing.

As you approach the cliff from the parking area first you look north toward the neighboring bluff . . .

. . . and the presence of a few crazy tourists gives you a sense of the proportion of the cliff.

Then to the south you see Ulu Watu Temple grasping it’s high perch.

A few minutes drive to the north is one of the most easily accessible quality surfing beaches at Suluban Beach.  There’s something special about sitting at one of the surfer’s shack restaurants over a cold drink & watching the sun go down in this beautiful little corner of God’s green earth.

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Hope to see you there!